One of Minneapolis' last video rental stores is closing


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As the eyeball-twitching era of infinite streaming content reaches full saturation, the humble video rental store seems destined for extinction. 

The Movies on 35th Street, one of the final throwback holdouts in the Twin Cities, just announced it's headed to the dustbin of video-format history. After 15 years in business, owner Tim Hanson announced Friday that his tiny shop in Minneapolis' Powderhorn neighborhood will close "in the coming weeks." 

"With the constant barrage of 'technology,' it's become apparent that movie rentals will no longer support the shop," he wrote in a Facebook post announcing the closure. "Running my own business was a dream of mine and I am thrilled with the result. I've learned and grown so much and most of all... I have a lot of great memories. THANK YOU!"

With its mix of new releases, classics, and oddities, the Movies on 35th Street offered curatorial touches that, for many loyal regulars, beat the hell outta Netflix's algorithm. Late to return your movies? You could expect a friendly voicemail reminder from Hanson. 

Beginning today, Hanson will liquidate his entire stock of Blu-rays and DVDs; the shop at 3447 Bloomington Ave. will remain open during regular business hours.

Video rental stores have been death rattling for years. In 2004, there were 9,000 Blockbuster locations, but—as Netflix, Redbox, and on-demand video captured market share—the once-dominant chain has been reduced to one final location in Bend, Oregon

Here's Hanson's full farewell announcement: