On the road, eating Hardee’s: Mike Brody’s vlog shows the life of a standup comedian

Mike Brody

Mike Brody Image courtesy the standup

Mike Brody has been a Twin Cities comedy fixture for nearly 20 years, and just this past summer he released a Dry Bar comedy special that has racked up hundreds of thousands of views online. But he’s also entertaining folks and racking up clicks on YouTube by filming his other 23 hours a day on the road.

Two months ago, Brody launched a road vlog through his YouTube channel, documenting his experiences as a full-time comedian.

“My wife suggested it, and honestly it took me a while to agree,” Brody says of the vlog’s inception. “She told me that I have a unique experience and viewpoint, but I couldn’t understand how people could find that interesting. Now I get that it’s a way for people to connect with me after they’ve seen me on the road.”

Whether he’s navigating a casino gig in Danbury, Wisconsin, chatting up the morning TV crew in Sioux Falls, or buying new underwear after a corporate gig in Cleveland, Brody approaches his vlogs with optimism and gratitude, regardless of the circumstances he may find himself in.

“That’s my outlook on life,” he says. “I feel very fortunate to be where I am in comedy both creatively and financially. I don’t take anything for granted, even when I’m doing some small-town show in the middle of nowhere.”

Aside from documenting his own adventures, Brody shares the experience of other Twin Cities comics who come out on the road with him. Ryan Kahl, Tommy Bayer, and Khadijah Cooper are just a few of the performers who have made guest appearances on the vlog, sharing their perspectives and taking advice from an elder statesman of the local comedy scene.

“I like to help people and I like to talk about the X’s and O’s of comedy,” he explains. “When I was younger, people did that for me. I look at it as paying it forward. That’s how it should be. You learn from people, and when you know what you’re doing, then you help others.”

Aside from providing a snapshot of life on the road, Brody’s vlog has also tackled themes such as the art of political comedy and performing comedy as an immigrant.

“I think my favorite vlog has been the one with Moe Yaqub and Ryan Kahl where we talked about doing comedy in a PC culture, and what it’s like to do comedy as an immigrant. There’s a part where we’re in a hotel room, and you can see this comradery and irritation that was so real and hilarious. You can see them getting annoyed with each other, but you can tell they also love each other.”

As for how he sees the vlog growing, Brody says that he isn’t worried about making himself the star of the show every time.

“I don’t have an ego about it,” he says. “I just want to put out whatever makes the most interesting vlog.”

This Wednesday, comedian Mike Brody is in town, headlining at House of Comedy. You can check out Brody’s road vlog on his YouTube channel.