Off-Leash Area is moving to south Minneapolis


For the past couple years, Off-Leash Area theater has been bouncing around the Twin Cities.

They've performed shows at Savage Umbrella's SPACE in St. Paul, garages around Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs, and presenting theater at their "micro-stage" a tiiiiny space in Longfellow.

Now the 18-year-old traveling troupe will have a permenent home in south Minneapolis.

"... we OWN it! No landlords, no leases, we own our own destiny," the announcement proclaims.

The space, christened the Off-Leash Art Box, is located at 4200 54th Street East in Minneapolis. That's somewhere in the grey zone between the Minnehaha and Morris Park neighborhoods.

The space will hold around 80 patrons, and it set to open in May. Contruction is underway. Future plans with Off-Leash include hosting festivals, neighborhood fun, and continuing the theater's production schedule.

You can watch the construction in progress on their website, where they're uploading pics regularly.