NYT comes to MN in search of fashion, finds hipsters in Uptown

Those familiar with the Uptown area know that on any given day the it's filled with a mix of yuppies, older hippies, hipsters, visiting suburbanites, and residential joggers. It's basically a mall, so it attracts a lot of different types.

When the New York Times decided to visit the Twin Cities for Intersection, a video series examining the fashion of different neighborhoods around the world, they decided to set up shop on Hennepin and Lagoon, right by the Uptown Theatre and John Fluevog, and interview folks on their sartorial choices.

Of course, they only talked to 20-something hipsters.

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There's a enthusiastic student who opines that Uptown is "hipster central," a tattoo shop employee who only wears black, and a barista/pizza server who loves her green hat because she's adverse to washing her hair and growing out a bad haircut (girl, we've all been there). They all feel that clothing is an extension of who they are (a common trope in fashion Q&As). The final interview subject is pretty interesting, however: a PhD candidate from Afghanistan who sees his love of fashion as a way of breaking through stereotypes. 

Watch the video on the next page...[page]What do you think? Was Uptown the right place to hang out? Who else should they have talked to? Watch the video here: