Now seems like the wrong time for Minneapolis to claim Vince Vaughn


Do you think Vince Vaughn's slight smile in his mugshot is because he's thinking back on a fond memory from his months as a Minneapolis baby? We do! Manhattan Beach Police

The content fires of the internet must be fed until they someday grow to consume us all.

Slow news day? Any savvy digital journalist knows what to do: Set your sights on a far-off target, loosen up a bit... and streeeeetch out to grab hold of a news item that's only barely related to your city or state.

Because we at City Pages would never do this, we have almost no idea what we're even talking about. But we have learned how this works, thanks to several enterprising news outlets' efforts to make a famous person's humiliating moment about us. 

The actor Vince Vaughn was arrested for a suspected DUI on Sunday morning after pulling his car into a mandatory sobriety checkpoint, as first reported by TMZ, of course. Vaughn and a passenger in his vehicle were cited for "delaying an investigation," an offense they allegedly committed by initially refusing to step out of the vehicle.

Vaugh asked to take a blood test instead of submitting to a roadside Breathalyzer, and his passenger was also arrested on suspicion "public intoxication." They posted bail and were released.

Why are you reading this? Why is this content on 

Aha! Clearly it's been too long since you visited Vince Vaughn's Wikipedia page

– and followed that with a cursory Google search


– to establish that Vince Vaughn is one of us! Or he was, for less than one year, when he was a baby. As with most babies, let us assume tiny Vince was not calling the shots on where his family resided. Then he moved–or was moved, like a small piece of luggage that shits–to another state, Illinois. As an adult, Vaughn has lived in both Illinois and California. That's the state where he was arrested, in the town of Manhattan Beach, where he now lives.

Vince Vaughn has been alive for 48 years, has done lots of interesting things, and was also in the second season of True Detective. During all these years, almost no one has referred to or thought of him as a Minnesotan.

And yet! Look at this!


And this!


And (oh, dear God) this!


Did you look? OK, thank you. Our work here is done.

When speaking about a "connection" he feels to the Twin Cities, Vaughn said, "I never analyzed it much. I just like it." We hope readers feel the same way about this content.

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