Now an independent nonprofit, the Haunted Basement looking for a place to crash

Who wouldn't want to invite her in?

Who wouldn't want to invite her in?

The Soap Factory and the Haunted Basement have officially broken up.

It's an amicable split, most likely, as the Minneapolis gallery space is currently dealing with major renovations. The Haunted Basement needs dank, old, creepy spaces where they can be gross and scary. So, for the time being, they just aren't compatable. 

Earlier this week, City Pages reported that the notorious (and super popular) basement troupe of spooks and spectres were wandering out in broad daylight in search of a new home. This morning, they announced that they have a plan of sorts, as the Haunted Basement is now an independent non-profit. 

Now, they just need to find a host. 

“We each have our wish lists, but we’re truly thinking outside the box as much as we can,” says creative director Christopher Barton. “A new space means an unpredictable experience for our audiences in the future, especially those folks who visit us every year and probably have the floor plan memorized by now. We’re keeping an eye on flexibility and how we can use our imaginations to make our next space feel more like opportunity than compromise.”

There's definitely a few spots that could be worth haunting, including empty downtown storefronts (hey there, Macy's), recently vacated restaurant spaces, or even a few empty buildings over in the Warehouse disctrict. 

The crew is actually taking suggestions and offers, so if you're someone in the know, you can send tips to [email protected]

Meanwhile, the Haunted Basement has also launched a fundraising campaign to help get things rolling. The online project, titled “The Creeps Need a Home,”hopes to raise $50,000. If you'd like to help a homicidal clown out, you can check out