Notorious ass-themed erotica writer Dr. Chuck Tingle is coming to town

McKenzie Goodwin and Dr. Chuck Tingle

McKenzie Goodwin and Dr. Chuck Tingle

Dr. Chuck Tingle is known for penning gay romance novels with a twist. His characters include dinosaurs, sentient corn cobs, Big Foot, and a vampire European night bus.

Popular titles—and there are many to be found on Amazon—include I'm Gay for My Living Billionaire Jet Plane, Open Wide for the Handsome Sabertooth Dentist Who Is Also a Ghost, and I'm in Love With the Handsome Mummy Racecar in My Butt. Tingle frequently dabbles in hot topics of the day (Oppressed in the Butt By My Inclusive Holiday Coffee Cups) and has even recently ventured into lesbian (Sentient Lesbian Jet Ski Gets Me Off) and bisexual (My Husband and I Find Our Unicorn and She's a Bigfoot Also My Husband Is a Dinosaur) erotica. 

If that whole paragraph above is a giant WTF for you, just know that this guy’s very prolific collection of books and short stories is the stuff of legend if you’re into Amazon deep dives. The plot summaries are hilarious:

After an unfortunate hit and run, Rick suddenly finds himself relying on the Los Angeles public transportation system for his daily commute. It’s not so bad, but after boarding a mysterious night bus named Vlad, things quickly take a turn for the terrifying. —Vampire Night Bus Pounds My Butt

And the reader reviews are just as amazing:

“If you like vampires, and you like Eastern European city buses...” one reader begins his review.

Just a few of the good Dr.'s publications.

Just a few of the good Dr.'s publications. Dr. Chuck Tingle

“If meta characters, white water rafting bigfoot and shirtless librarian food obsessed raptors understand consent, then everyone should,” says a reader of Chuck’s consent series, which includes hits like Not Pounded At the Last Second Because Consent Can Be Given and Revoked At Any Moment and This Is a Wonderful Thing That’s Important to Understand.

So, yeah. The author of these masterpieces is coming to town. When he’s not writing political, metaphorical, or just plain meta erotica, he’s teaming up with McKenzie Goodwin for My Friend Chuck, a podcast where the two talk about politics, gay Big Foot helicopters, and LGBTQ issues. Oh, and that love is real. 

They’ll be recording an installment of their show at Mixed Blood Theater in January. 

Very little is known about Dr. Tingle. His bio is a collection of nonsense and lore, including claims of tae kwon do mastery and a Ph.D. from Devry in holistic massage. Goodwin, meanwhile, has a more straightforward life, working as a comedian and LGBTQ advocate, and also showing her face in public. 


My Friend Chuck
Hosted by Dr. Chuck Tingle and McKenzie Goodwin
Mixed Blood Theater
8 p.m. Friday January 10