Northern Spark launches Kickstarter campaign

After last season's party in St. Paul, Northern Spark will be venturing back to Minneapolis this summer for an evening of special happenings throughout the city on June 14. Hotspots include downtown by the Metrodome, the Walker Art Center, the Greenway, and outside the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. During the overnight event there will be light installations, hands-on activities, live music, and other fun, community-building moments.

The organization recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for basic needs at the event, including electricity, police permits, and other nitty-gritty necessities.

The campaign is currently at $1,770 of a $20,000 goal, with 50 backers and 28 days to go. So where will the money go should you chose to donate? According to the Kickstarter website:

Our Kickstarter goal represents the final 7% of the festival budget needed to ensure that basics are in place for festival success on June 14th. provides the infrastructure and support that participating artists and organizations need, in turn allowing them to focus on the artistic risks they're taking, not logistical ones. Here are some specific and crucial items your support makes possible:

  • Artist stipends for 24 Northern Lights' commissioned and open call projects
  • Electricity, lighting, signage, audio support, site permissions, volunteer wrangling, and materials support for artist projects and food trucks. 
  • Festival wayfinding, police permits, public works and transit coordination, food trucks, bathrooms, maps, guidebooks, and more.
Like any good Kickstarter campaign, the perks for contributors are pretty fun, and start pretty cheap. Donating $10, for examples, gets you a spark toy designed specifically for the evening. Other incentives include a variety of glowing hats, rock-star haircuts from HiFi Hair and Records, a mod deck chair, and original artwork from local artists.

To contribute or for more information about the event, you can click here. The project's video can be viewed below.