Nooo! Kevin Smith confirms Mallrats 2 shooting location

Six months ago, fans of the Kevin Smith oeuvre flipped out when he announced via Twitter that he was indeed working on a Mallrats sequel, 20 years after the original. Since then, details have been sparse, though there has been much speculation. Who would be returning? What would the story be like? And, most importantly to many Minnesotans, would they be returning to Eden Prairie?

The answers, in order: 1. Pretty much everyone except for nanny cheating Batman (a.k.a. Ben Affleck). 2. Still no clue. 3. Nope.

Many different factors come into play when choosing a location for a multimillion-dollar movie. Minnesota has a pretty solid rebate program, thanks to MNFilmTV, but it's not always enough to lure productions to our state. Smith has previously expressed interest in the possibility of returning to the original mall for shooting ("There was a big tax break... and the Eden Prairie Mall was operating at only half capacity, so it was easy to film there," he told audiences last spring at the State Theatre). But those hopes were dashed in a recent tweet confirming that Mallrats 2 will be shooting at Exton Square Mall in Exton, Pennsylvania.
— KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) September 10, 2015 Well, bummer. 

While the news is unfortunate, Smith and the stars of Mallrats have previously shown Minnesota love. Last May, Kevin Smith, Michael Rooker, and Jason Mewes were spotted around town chatting and posing for pics with fans. Smith gave an epic talk at the State Theatre, while Rooker and Mewes has adventures at ComicCon.
According to Smith's tweet, it looks like filming for the sequel will begin in January.

Hmm. Maybe that was a factor for the crew in deciding not to return to Minnesota?