Nomad World Pub combines date and game night with Romansketball

Most couples share common interests and hobbies, but sports often lights up the incompatibility meter like a fire. For all of you basketball fanatics whose significant other couldn't care less about a guy who dribbles, we may have a solution for you: The Nomad World Pub has brilliantly combined date night with game night at Romansketball Wednesdays.

Every Wednesday, the folks at the Nomad are turning the lights down low so you can spend your evening by the glow of television screens and the lights of flickering candles. Like true romantics, there will be erotic music, cheap wine, and free pool to round out an evening with your soul mate--whether it be that sexy someone you want to share the action of the game with, or simply get your action from the game itself. With two-for-ones from noon to close, everybody will love the NBA by the end of the day.

Enjoy Romanceket Ball each Wednesday beginning at 8 p.m. at the Nomad World Pub (501 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis).

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