No Pants Light Rail Ride 2014 this Sunday

Pantsless folks from last year's No Pants Light Rail Ride
Pantsless folks from last year's No Pants Light Rail Ride
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It's that time of year again, when breath hangs foggily in the air, the snow seems like it'll never melt, and there's a ton of people on the light rail sans pants.

This weekend, folks will take to the light rail in droves, only to remove their bottoms and chill in their undies for the annual No Pants Light Rail Ride.

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Hosted by Plan B Improv in Minneapolis, 2014 marks the group's sixth year of participation in the mischievous public transport stunt that's sweeping the world. For real, though: This year cities from Adelaide to Warsaw are participating in the event.

The happening takes place this Sunday, January 12, starting at the Mall of America. Anyone who wants to come along for the skin-baring ride should meet at the light rail station (with their pants on) before embarking the train and removing that extra layer of clothing at the first stop.

For those of you who haven't participated before, remember that the key is to pretend there's nothing strange about riding around without your trousers -- this is a gathering sponsored by an improv group, after all. If someone asks what's going on, make sure you've got a good excuse ready.

Acceptable excuses:

"Oh, I'm wearing my super-chic invisible ones today. They're all the rage in Milan. Duh."

"Whoops! I must've left them in the fitting room at the mall!"

Remember not to break "character" on the ride -- use those improv skills!

Riders will go from the Mall of America to downtown Minneapolis, where they'll hop off at the Target Field station and take a group photo before getting back on the train towards the mall again.

Just remember to put your jeans, leggings, Dockers, or Zubaz back on before getting to the Mall of America again. You'll be detained by security if you're still in your skivvies. (Note: Don't wear undergarments that are too revealing -- while MTA and the MOA both know about the event, you should stick to family-friendly underwear.)

Good news: It might break the 30-degree mark on Sunday, so it'll feel positively balmy compared to what we've been dealing with the past few weeks. Plus, if you go, you'll have bragging rights that you participated during the year of the awful polar vortex.

For more information, visit the No Pants Light Rail Ride Minneapolis Facebook event page.


No Pants Ride 2014 Meet in the MOA's transit station 1 p.m. Sunday, January 12

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