Nick Swardson delivers at Acme homecoming

So there's this guy named Nick Swardson. He's been in some movies and stuff. And he's from Minnesota. Maybe you've heard of him?

Last night the comedian/actor,  who has appeared in umpteen movies -- like That's My Boy, Jack & Jill, and 30 Minutes or Less -- performed his first of three very, very sold-out shows at Acme Comedy Co., the place where he began his career.

[jump] Swardson announced his shows a few months back, and managed to set an Acme record for fastest sellouts in club history.

"I'm finally doing a new special," Swardson told the sold-out crowd on Tuesday night. "It only took me, what, like five years?"

Swardson went on to say that he plans to release his new special by the end of this year, and he informed the at-capacity crowd that he'll be back in September for a larger-scale show at the State Theatre.

As for the show itself, Swardson spent a surprising amount of time catering to his Twin Cities fans, with jokes about all things Minnesota from the Vikings, to the awful, awful weather.

"Whenever I tell people in California that I'm from Minnesota, they always say the same thing: "Don't you miss the cold?" he said early on in his set. We won't spoil the punchline, but let's just say that his response is like that of any other jaded Minnesotan. He also worked on new material, which will likely find it's way on to his special later this year.

A veteran of Acme's storied open-mic night, Swardson has spent the majority of his time and energy over the past several years focusing on his acting as opposed to standup. But as anyone who was in attendance Tuesday night can attest, Swardson hasn't lost his genuine, earnest demeanor that made him a breakout star on the local comedy circuit so many years ago.

While a great deal of time has passed since his last special, Party, which took audiences by storm back in 2009, Swardson's trademark sense of humor hasn't changed, as everything from sex to sports to family are fair game.

Before the Minnesotan-turned-Hollywood star took the stage, local favorite Mike Lester and Bryan Miller opened the show, giving the audience a look at the next generation of Twin Cities comedy that will inevitably run with the torch that Swardson lit years ago.

While we won't ruin any jokes for the Wednesday- and Thursday-night crowds, the highlight of the evening had to be Swardson's account of his first interaction with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers. Let's just say he made all of his Viking-loving, Packer-hating fans proud.

For those hoping to still see their hometown comedy hero this week, we recommend keeping an eye on Acme's Twitter (@AcmeComedyCo), as they MIGHT have some last-minute tickets to release. And for those already planning to attend the last of his sold out-shows who may not be sure what to expect, the answer is no, Swardson hasn't grown up yet. And that's a good thing.


Nick Swardson

Acme Comedy Co.

June 4-5, 8 p.m.