New Native Theatre presents 2012: The Musical one-night only

New Native Theatre presents 2012: The Musical one-night only
Photo by Farrington Starnes

Tonight, New Native Theatre brings back a concert presentation of 2012: The Musical for a fundraiser. The play, which debuted last year, uses humor to look at our current society and to imagine the American Indian community in future generations. It's an ambitious work. The script is from playwright Rhiana Yazzie's (with Inez DeCoteau and Andrea Fairbanks) and the score is by Marissa Carr.

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Marisa Carr
Marisa Carr
Photo by Farrington Starnes

Yazzie says the version they'll be performing tonight is a little bit truncated  at 90 minutes, and won't have the full staging, but the cast is exactly the same as the original version. NNT hopes to raise funds so that they can tour the play to Native communities and colleges. 

The company, Yazzie says, is moving toward making all of the plays they produce tour-ready. NNT is also going to be putting out a CD with the music from the orignal cast, which they can use to help market the play. 

"It's important to bring our work to Native communities," Yazzie says. Recently, she's been approached by folks in North and South Dakota as well as Washington State about bringing the show to different communities, conferences, festivals, and other events. 
Charlie Her Many Horses
Charlie Her Many Horses
Photo by Farrington Starnes

Her aim with the show is to create an uplifting piece that breaks stereotypes, and a big part of how she does that is through humor. The Native community, she says, is "not always taking ourselves seriously.  We're not always saying how oppressed we are. It's important to have stories that celebrate the Native sense of humor and positive sense of community." 

The play is also unique in that it projects the Native community into the future. The science-fiction element differs from common images of American Indians, which are often associated with the past and history. "We're trying to say with our show that we don't have to be in a box. We can speak for ourselves and we can do it well," says Yazzie. 


New Native Theatre's 2012: The Musical
7 p.m. Wednesday, June 12
Southern Theater
1420 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis
In addition to the concert presentation, there will also be a red carpet, a silent auction and a post-show party.
$25/$28 at the door

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The Southern Theater

1420 S. Washington Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454-1038


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