New delivery service Cold AF brings hats to the woefully underdressed for $50

This very Minnesotan trapper hat could be yours.

This very Minnesotan trapper hat could be yours. Cold AF

No matter how well Super Bowl guests mentally prepare, many will probably be shocked to discover that Minnesota is basically a real-world version of planet Hoth from Star Wars. And like a kid whose parents forgot to clip their hats and gloves to their coat, they will soon realize how easy it is to lose a hat or gloves while party-hopping. 

But if they have $50, then they can remedy that in 45 minutes of less -- just like ordering a pizza. 

Launching on February 1, Cold AF is a website that will bring hats to underdressed people in downtown Minneapolis. For $50, a patron can order up a trapper hat to be delivered directly to them, whether they're making their way along Nicollet Mall, find themselves underdressed at an ice bar, or prefer to avoid frostbite while stepping out for a smoke.

The item will arrive in 45 minutes or less via flannel-clad bike messenger, and it comes toasty warm because it's stored in a heated case (again, just like a pizza). 

While this delivery is kind of pricey, it's all for a really good cause: 100 percent of the proceeds benefit Operation Warm, which gets coats and other winter items to kids in need. One hat funds one new coat for an at-risk child. So even if you are a responsibly dressed Minnesotan, ordering up a hat could be worth it for the feel-good novelty alone.

The official website,, will be polished and ready on January 31.