New Antiquarians art show opening and Red Hot Art Fest after-party

"Jetpack", by Joel SissonEXPAND
"Jetpack", by Joel Sisson

There's a growing culture pushing its way into art world, one that embraces a history that never was, but tries like hell to fool us into thinking otherwise. A growing number of people are curating exhibits in their homes, displaying an excavated history of Victorian-styled ray guns, for instance, alongside animals that have long since returned from the taxidermist.

Embracing this culture based in steampunk and accessorized with dusty antiques not worthy of the Roadshow, are 14 artists showcased in the mixed-media exhibition, "The New Antiquarians."

"Allegory", by Carey Netherton
"Allegory", by Carey Netherton

Among the artists participating in the show at Stevens Square Center for the Arts are Carey Netherton, whose tangled sculptures blend rusted industrial discards with knotted tree branches and fabric. They often look like functional objects, were they to be used on another planet. Photographer Timothy G. Piotrowski specializes in dreamy, monochrome turn-of-the-century glam shots that err on the side of eerie. And Vesna Jovanovic incorporates her background in science (along with her art degrees, she has a BS in chemistry) to create x-ray-like images of people which reveal both animal and mechanical inner workings. We're looking forward to seeing her piece named after the medical instrument, "Laryngoscope."

"The New Antiquarians" runs through August 29 at the Stevens Square Center for the Arts. The opening night reception will also serve as a Red Hot Art Festival after-party and is on Saturday, July 31 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. There will be live music, including Greg Brosofske and other special guests. This event is free and open to the public

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