'Never Quiet, Never Soft' at Cult Status Gallery this weekend

'Never Quiet, Never Soft' at Cult Status Gallery this weekend

This weekend, Cult Status Gallery opens its new art installation "Never Quiet, Never Soft" for just two days. Pieces on display include art dolls, paintings, and a jumbo birdhouse visitors can traipse through at their leisure.

This two-story, two-day installation at Cult Status Gallery  features a wide array of intriguing artwork inspired by the energy of an enchanted forrest and is created by tattoo artists Shawn Hebrank and Albie Rock, who collaborate under the name Never Quiet, Never Soft

The installation includes woodwork, oil paintings, odd looking art dolls, and a plethora of antlers and acorns scattered about. There also will be block prints, brass instruments, and scores of folk-life images on view of wings, wheat, bearded gents, lanterns, and lighthouses. It's a collection of images and ideas full of what NQNS refer to as "woodsy goodness."

Marshall LaCount of Dark Dark Dark and harpist Rachel Blomgren also will be on hand adding to the atmosphere as they play music from inside the life-sized birdhouse.
Shawn Hebrank is a tattoo artist at Identity Tattoo in Maple Grove, and collaborates with his wife Meryl DePasquale creating letterpress mail art under the name Four-Letter Press. Albie Rock lives in New Hampshire where he tattoos and is a conceptual engineer for ZERO Heavy Industry weapons systems.
The "Never Quiet, Never Soft" installation will open this Friday night from 7 p.m. until midnight, as well as on Saturday during the same hours.
'Never Quiet, Never Soft' at Cult Status Gallery this weekend

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