Netflix's 'Dear White People' series has release date and trailer, racists freak out on Twitter


When Minnesota-made Dear White People premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014, people took notice.

Now the critical darling is coming to Netflix for a 10-episode series that plans to pick up where the film left off. 

The movie centers on Samantha White, a bi-racial student at a mostly white, fictional Ivy League college who calls out racism on campus via her radio show, her writing, and through student body politics. As tensions rise, the film explores the experiences and perspectives of several students of color. (Fun fact: Several scenes from the movie were filmed inside City Pages' old office space.)

The series will continue to focus on Samatha White, this time played by Logan Browning. Brandon P. Bell will reprise his role as Troy Fairbanks.

A short trailer is now up on YouTube, and features White calmly explaining that Halloween costumes that are racial (racist) stereotypes are not okay -- certainly a timely topic.


The series will launch on April 28. Each episode will be around 30 minutes. Lionsgate (Orange Is the New Black) is producing the series. There is some solid talent working behind the scenes, including Yvette Lee Bowser (black-ish) and Stephanie Allain (Hustle & Flow), who are signed on as executive producers. Justin Simien, who directed the first film, directed the first episode and has worked on all 10 scripts.

While many people are excited for the series, some are freaking out and canceling their Netflix account, and #cancelnetflix is trending on Twitter:




Netflix currently has over 49 million subscribers in the U.S., and a whopping 93 million users worldwide.