Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' has a flashy new trailer


April is going to be a big TV month for the people of Minnesota.

New Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes are coming to Netflix on April 14, Fargo season three is hitting FX on April 19, and American Gods, a new series based on the book by the prolific Neil Gaiman, is airing on Starz beginning April 30.

(We know Minnesota can't fully claim the Brit writer -- his home is in Wisconsin, after all -- but the beloved sci-fi/fantasy novelist is a frequent visitor to Minnesota, and has donated time and money to various causes in our state.)

American Gods follows Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), who lands a job as a body guard shortly after his release from prison. At first it appears that his employer is a con man, but soon he discovers that he's working for the ancient god Odin, and that other powerful gods and creatures walk among us, appearing as everyday people.

That premise calls for a lot of special effects, and if this had been a lesser-hyped show, we might be seeing some really awful CGI. The trailer, however, suggests that the production -- the pilot, at least -- spent a pretty penny making Gods look spectacular.

The trailer is a mix of blood bath and gorgeous settings. Apparently a lot of people will be getting vivisected, but there will also be some sumptuous settings and costume to design to oogle between slayings. In the short montage you can also spot Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday; Emily Browning as Shadow's dead wife, Laura; and Kristin Chenowith in her natural, candy-colored environment as Easter.

Also spotted: A buffalo with flaming eyes, an ominous tree, and neon lights.

The series is produced by Bryan Fuller, known for creating much-loved cult shows that get canceled early (Wonderfalls, Hannibal, Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies), and Michael Green, a man who has had a hand in quite a few shows that simply wouldn't die (Smallville, Sex and the City, Everwood, Heroes).

Meanwhile, there's no new news on the planned Sandman series, which appears to be in development hell (or secretly plotting their next move) after a few staff turnovers and Joseph Gordon-Levitt jumping ship last year.

Watch the trailer for American Gods below.