'Nay-Say: Paintings and Other Things by J. Wasyk and Louis N. LaPierre' at Cult Status Gallery

The Lyn-Lake neighborhood is home to many arts spaces, but there's one that transforms from show to show more than the others. At Cult Status Gallery, no surface is off-limits for artists to display work on. In fact, a lot of art ends up being painted directly on walls itself, and sometimes even on the floor. As a result, each exhibition seems to completely envelope the space.

Taking over Cult Status Gallery beginning this weekend is "Nay-Say: Paintings and Other Things by J. Wasyk and Louis N. LaPierre," a show that features two local artists who share a studio space.


Wasyk clearly likes to color over the lines. His paintings consist of colorful images that are often disrupted by drips of paint. He brings that technique into the 3D by painting what he calls Cloud Pieces, which are boxes that not only feature bold spills of paint, but also form a base for bulbous colorful shapes.

LaPierre's work includes abstract industrial scenes, surreal portraits, and images influenced by medical imagery and human organs. Hopefully, the "other things" in the show title refers to his magnets, buttons, and handmade notebooks, which feature some of his more popular images, including a yellow puppy holding a knife in its teeth.

The new art show begins with an opening reception this Friday, August 26 from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m at Cult Status Gallery. The party will feature music by Austin Dufaux and Hot Ribs, and as well as videos by DuPierre LaFaux, a collaboration between LaPierre and Dufaux. The exhibition runs through September 17, where there will be a closing reception from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. featuring music by makr/brodR (Mark Mcgee and Andrew Broder).