Native pop-art (and other art shows worth your time)


It’s been a traumatic week in the Twin Cities art world. After protestations and mediation, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden's "gallows" installation, Scaffold, is set to be dismantled and later burned at Fort Snelling. Historical wounds re-opened, protests, apologies, meetings… it’s been a lot!

Now it’s almost the weekend, and there’s a whole lot more going on beyond the dismantlement ceremony at the Garden (happening on Friday afternoon). There's Native pop artists and traditional dancers giving a talk at All My Relations Gallery, Norwegian and Canadian artists stopping by SooVAC for an three-show opening, whimsy and color over at Gamut and cutting-edge of technology and art at Katherine E. Nash Gallery. You have plenty to keep your docket full.

Native Pride & Native Pop Art Meet-and-Greet

Where it’s at: All My Relations Gallery, 1414 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Native dancers and performance artists will be on hand at All My Relations Art for a meet and greet. There will be snacks, refreshments, and a chance to hear visual artist George Levi (Southern Cheyenne) and dancer Larry Yazzie (Meskwaki Nation of Central Iowa) talk about their work. A part of the 2017 Flint Hills International Children’s Festival at the Ordway, this happening features artists from “Native POP,” a traveling showcase of pop artists who are exhibiting their show at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel June 3-4.

Why you should go: This is a chance to get an inside perspective on Native pop art, and ways that contemporary Native artists are finding new forms by employing pop-culture imagery. You’ll also be able to hear from Larry Yazzie and the Native Pride Dancers about more traditional forms of Native performance.

When: 6-7:30 p.m. Friday.

(Courtesy SooVAC)

SooVAC opens three gallery shows

Where it’s at: Soo Visual Art Center, 2909 Bryant Ave. S., Suite 101, Minneapolis.

What it’s about: It’ll be three openings and one big party at SooVAC on Friday, as the small south Minneapolis gallery fits in a whole lot of art on its walls. “The Landscapes of Katla Or Tight Squeeze Through a Birds-Eye View: A travelogue by Katla” features a trio of Norwegian artists (Mathijs van Geest, Jonas Ib F H Jensen, and Ånond Versto). There's also “Liar! Liar!” by AmCor, two Canadian-based artists, and “End of Times 2: The Time is Now,” a collection of letterpress prints about the state of our dysfunctional world.

Why you should go: There's video displays presenting faux archeology, humorous investigations of imagined surveillance, and an explosion of letterpress prints that speak to a world nearing its last days. These three shows share a theme of fictional truths, apocalyptic irony, and a dose of cynicism. It's perfect for a Friday evening with a glass of wine.

When: 6-9 p.m. Friday.

(John Foster)

Bright Side

Where it’s at: Gamut Gallery, 717 S. 10th. St., Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Mischievous paintings inspired by vintage photographs, colorful abstract paintings, and glass crystal concoctions are some of the works that will be on view in this six-person show featuring John Foster, Laura Bennett, Hilary Greenstein, Barret Lee, Derek Meier, and Erin Nistler.

Why you should go: Traversing fantasy and curiosity, the exhibition might brighten your mood. Go because art doesn’t always have to be gloom and doom. Sometimes it helps to let a little light shine in.

When: 3-7 p.m. Saturday, $5.

Art(ists) on the Verge 8

Where it’s at: Katherine E. Nash Gallery, 405 21st Ave. S., Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Oh hey. The walls are ballooning. And there seems to be a large patch of dirt on the gallery floor. What are these weather balloons doing here? Ah, it must be "Art(ists) on the Verge," the annual showcase of technology, science, and art with a dash of audience interaction thrown in.

Why you should go: You never know what the artists are going to come up with through this unique program, but it’s usually something you wouldn’t expect. Merging innovation in the digital and technological spheres with aesthetics and human connection, "Art(ists) on the Verge" is all about discovering the unknown and forging new paths.

When: 7-11 p.m. Saturday.