Name-change alert: New name for North Star Roller Girls

Meet the North Star Roller Derby

Meet the North Star Roller Derby YouTube

North Star Roller Girls is no more. 

That's because Twin Cities-based roller derby league recently announced a new name: North Star Roller Derby. 

Why the change?

"We think this new name better embodies the values of our membership, as well as the WFTDA [Women's Flat Track Derby Association]," the league announced last week in a Facebook post. "Girls as a label is not always comfortable for all our members, so we’ve decided to make the switch. We feel roller derby represents all those that help us empower our community and promote athleticism whether skater, official, staff, or fan." 

Will the "hard-hitting action and community-focused efforts" remain? Bet your ass they will.

Four teams belong to North Star Roller Derby: Banger Sisters, Delta Delta Di, Kilmore Girls, and Violent Femmes; various members also form traveling and inter-league squads. Home matches go down at the Lee & Rose Warner Coliseum located at the Minnesota Star Fairgrounds. NSRD just completed its 11th season. 

Read our recent interview with North Star skater Sammi Jones here. The Minnesota native just dropped a new memoir, Derby Girl, and gave us the skinny on derby culture, Whip It, 'gina shiners, and much more. 

Now let's all watch this brand-new NSRD hype video.