'Mystery Girl' and 'Vikings Fan': A Snapchat love story gone viral [VIDEO]

One of the most romantic Snapchats ever snapped or chatted.

One of the most romantic Snapchats ever snapped or chatted.

A dramatic ongoing narrative plays out semi-publicly, in disjointed steps that are hard to make sense of.

Everyone's watching and commenting. The couple are roiled by desperation and confusion. Eventually they all end up at a bar.

Snapchat might just be the perfect medium for a college love story. It was last Thursday, anyway, when two attractive college kids let their dramatic union play out on a public Snapchat story at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A lot of people watched live as their romance blossomed. Now, millions have watched the story from start to finish. 

It all started when a female student tried alerting a fellow co-ed of her desire to meet him in the flesh. Of importance to Minnesotans, this particular young fellow was wearing a certain sports jersey.

"The guy wearing the Vikings jersey on the UW Snap[chat] story, I'm seriously in love with you," says the woman, whom users eventually christened "Mystery Girl."

The next shot, in this video retelling, features our leading man, still wearing said Minnesota Vikings jersey. Henceforth, he will become known as "Vikings Fan." We'll let this video compilation starring our rom-com players take it from there. 

The intrepid reporters at New York Magazine weren't satisfied with this ending, and pursued the story for further context. Turns out our bar-crossed lovers are named Abby and Reed, and both are seniors at Wisconsin. Abby claims her initial message to "the guy in the Vikings jersey" was her first submission to ever even get posted on the school's Snapchat story.

She admits some will view her come-on to Vikings Fan as "a little desperate," but shrugs off any haters in light of her happy ending.

"I don't care, because obviously now I'm here," she says.

It's unclear just where "here" is: The two have spent "almost every day" together, but tell NY Magazine they're "definitely not dating." 

They also vociferously reject the idea that this love story might have been staged, as has been suggested elsewhere; one site says they're both models paid to promote Snapchat. (Having watched that video, we'd like to start the rumor  they're paid by a drug company that makes motion sickness medicine.) 

"This was 100 percent legit," Reed says.

Are we really so jaded by our modern devices that we can't believe two hot single college students would take their desire to hook up public, and get a crowd of bored fellow students to follow their missed connections as if somehow their budding romance matters? Let us hope not. We're happy for these two kids, and look forward to the day they Snapchat their wedding vows.

Go ahead, Packers supporters, celebrate all your Super Bowl trophies. Clearly, we Vikings fans are too busy looking for love.