My 29's On the Fly canceled, final show to air Friday

The original crew, which also featured Kelsey Soby (right).

The original crew, which also featured Kelsey Soby (right).

Sad news for Minnesotans who enjoy a little local flavor in their late-night TV watching, as My 29's On the Fly has been canceled after over two years.

The program, hosted by longtime radio personality Tony Fly for over two years, featured commentary from local standups, quirky local news stories, and band jams recorded in cars, among other things (full disclosure: I used to Skype into the show from time to time to chat).

The staff learned Tuesday afternoon that FOX affiliate WFTC had canceled the show due to low ratings.

The program is scheduled to air through the week each night at its regular 11 p.m. slot. The final show is set for this Friday, and will feature best-of clips from over the years. Taking its place starting next week will be the nationally-syndicated Hollywood Today Live

As for Tony Fly, he can still be heard on Tony Fly's Weekend Launch Party from 4 to 7 p.m. Fridays on 105 the Vibe, which features old-school hip-hop.