Mustachioed space rangers at Huge Improv tonight


What could be more entertaining than an improv comedy performance about mustaches? Perhaps improv comedy in mustaches?

This Thursday, the local and hilarious duo the Mustache Rangers come out of the deepest nooks and crannies of space for their weekly show at Huge Improv Theater. 

Tonight will present yet another mix-up of what they do best: performances inspired by Curb Your Enthusiasm, space-ranger pioneer Buck Rogers, and the musings of Samuel Beckett. Along with mustaches, of course, these Thursday nights at Huge Improv Theater are known to be high on the hairiness, but even higher on the hilarity.

The Mustache Rangers are also known to delight in life's extra-awkward moments. Corey Anderson, a.k.a. Commander Major Alastair Q. Bastidious, and Aric McKeown, First Lieutenant Rutuger G. Phooneybaum, have been working as the Mustache Rangers locally and at festivals around the U.S. since 2005.

The comedy pair are also in the business of weekly podcasts, and currently have more than 145 available online. Tickets for their weekly live show, where the mustaches are open for oogling in person, are $5 at Huge Improv, and the show kicks off at 8 p.m.