MPLS Tattoo offers cheap Sailor Jerry tatts this week

MPLS Tattoo offers cheap Sailor Jerry tatts this week
Sailor Jerry tatts recreated by Grace Simonson
Several months ago, MPLS Tattoo offered Sailor Jerry-style Star Wars tattoos at discounted rates for May the 4th Be with You. This week, they're going back to basics with a classic Sailor Jerry tattoo sale.

Tattoo pioneer Sailor Jerry passed away this day on June 12, 1973. Decades later, you can still see his artistic influence on skin throughout the world, from compasses and anchors on hipsters to pinup girls and roses on rockabilly chics to flaming skulls and dice on biker dudes.

MPLS Tattoo's sale starts today and runs through Saturday. You can check out a variety of designs on the business's Facebook page. While pinups start at around $200 a pop, many other colorful tatts are priced in the $40-$100 range.

Walk-ins and appointments are both welcome.


Sailor Jerry Tattoo Sale
MPLS Tattoo
2211 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis

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