MPLS Tattoo offers $13 tatts (with a "lucky" $7 tip requested) for Friday the 13th


Nothing says "good idea" like a cheap tattoo. But for those who collect art on their bodies, this could be a pretty good deal. In honor of today being Friday the 13th, MPLS Tattoo on Lyndale and 22nd will be offering $13 Sailor Jerry-style tatts (there is a suggested $7 "lucky tip" however, so we're talking more like $20 per inking).

[jump] According to the business's Facebook page, folks can make an appointment or stop on in. Artists will be inking all day, from noon to 10 p.m., and tattoos that are part of the sale start at two inches and go up in size. Suggested doodles featured on the event's poster include a toothbrush, a piece of meat, a lightning bolt, and lots of images considered both lucky and unlucky.


Friday the 13th Flash Sale

Noon to 10 p.m.

MPLS Tattoo

2211 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612.875.6717