Moving Company ready to unload the Lab in For Sale

Moving Company ready to unload the Lab in For Sale
Image courtesy The Moving Company
Wanna buy a theater space? Only slightly used, with a roomy interior?

The latest Moving Company piece, For Sale, will take the audience to the confines of the Lab Theater in the Warehouse District, where a desperate real-estate broker is trying to make a deal to save his career by unloading the venerable, old, converted warehouse space to a lucky buyer.

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Of course it's not going to go as planned, says Nathan Keepers, the show's director and one of its creators. For the project he collaborated with Moving Company members Steven Epp and Dominique Serrand. The trio were all members of the late, lamented Theatre de la Jeune Lune. Here, they are joined by two more Jeune Lune veterans, Sarah Agnew and Luverne Seifert, who are making their Moving Company debuts.

"We quickly knew we wanted these two to do it. Obviously, they are amazing and talented. We also have a long history from our days at Jeune Lune, and we wanted that shorthand. We have a long history of creation together," Keepers says.

Keepers, Epp, and Serrand spent several months pulling the material together before bringing in the actors. "We were excited by it after we read it. It was a great shape for us to play in," Seifert says.

"There were a certain amount of things we would improvise in the rehearsal room. Their voices really shape the language," Keepers adds.

The basic idea remains. Seifert plays Dick Richars, the realtor in charge of the sale. "He's kind of a hapless guy who has made a lot of wrong decisions. He's in debt to a lot of people. He has to sell this building to continue with life. There are people after him, so there is a sense of desperation that should always be present in the room," he says.

Agnew plays "his number two, Margie. She is Dick's cousin. She really has little to no experience, but he feels obligated to bring her along," she says.

Keepers takes on the role of Gavin, the maintenance man at the theater. "He sort of ends up leading it. The history that Gavin provides is factual, as far as he is concerned."

The show takes the audience on an open-house tour. "You never get a sense like the play has begun. It is hopefully stupid in the best way possible. We don't want to make a big, heavy show. There is satire involved about the state of the housing market, but it is always from a place of playfulness," Keepers says. "It's a little like a variety show, with a little more thread."


For Sale
Friday-Nov. 24
The Lab Theater
700 N. First St., Minneapolis
For tickets and more information, call 612.333.7977 or visit online.
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The Lab Theater

700 1st St. N.
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