Molten lava and high color contrast at Ctein's 'The Dye Transfer Series'

​For as deadly as erupting volcanoes can be, the way lava slowly swallows up the surface it flows over is fascinating. As the top blanket of molten rock cools and cracks, it exposes glowing amber layers underneath. But while it sounds like a pretty nifty piece of nature to see, a trip to Hawaii's Volcano National Park is probably not feasible for many.

Starting tomorrow night you just have to pop on over to the Mpls Photo Center to catch a glimpse of raw rock as it forms, cools, and fractures. A collection of dye transfer works--a virtually lost art--from artist Ctein's "Jewels of Kilauea" project will be on display through the end of the month for your lava viewing pleasure.

​The exhibit, "Ctein: The Dye Transfer Series" not only focuses on the artist's 10-year-long project of capturing the iridescent and beautiful colors of pahoehoe lava, it also brings back the long-lost art of dye transfer printing. Ctein is one of only a handful still practicing dye transfer from color negatives.

The result is a collection of beautiful pieces rich in color contrast; an effect many believe is only possible by using this technique. It's a fitting approach to capturing the brilliance of ancient patterns of molten rock. 

The exhibit's opening will be tomorrow night at the Mpls Photo Center from 7 to 10 p.m., and the show will be on display through October 30. The Mpls Photo Center is located at 2400 North Second Street in Minneapolis.

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