Modern mustache marvels: An inspirational guide

​In case you didn't notice the surge in awesome facial hair recently, take a moment to stop and observe the mustache marvels growing in honor of "Movember." Men of all ages and stations are sprouting upper lip accessories of all styles all over the world to bring awareness to men's health issues this month. 

In doing so, they are also revitalizing the style and swagger that comes with sporting a 'stache. So in honor of all those stellar mustache growers out there, we put together a list of some of the most groundbreaking facial hair in recent history. Just getting started on your Movember growth? Not sure which style you want to rock? Let this list be an inspiration to all. Let's keep the 'staches going strong through November...and beyond.

The Silver Screen 'Stache

These star-studded mustaches have graced the silver screen to the delight of audiences for generations. From Borat's bushy, outspoken push broom to Burt Reynold's iconic Bandit look to Clark Gable's sleek style, these mustaches are in a league of their own.

The Muppet Mustache

Artsy-fartsy Mo

With so many mustaches to choose from, this list could literally go on forever. So who are your mustache icons? Who inspires you the most to get up in the morning, and shave your whole face except for that precious space just above your lip?