MNfashion Officially Calls It Quits


It's been a rocky year for volunteer-run nonprofit MNfashion. Last January, the organization stated that it would no longer be hosting its signature local fashion party, the Shows, and that the future of Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week was up in the air. Then in April it was announced that MNfashion would move from curating events to having an online promotional presence. Well, that didn't work out either, as this weekend MNfashion announced that it is closing shop completely.

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The news came Friday night via the MNfashion's Facebook page:

As the Twin Cities fashion community has continued to grow and evolve since our last announcement to transition to an online-only resource, it has become clear MNfashion's role and online presence is not needed as it once was. And this is a good thing. It is a testament to the hard working designers, retailers, event producers and vendors who work to keep the local fashion market alive. It is encouraging and exciting to see how Minnesota is adapting and developing new ways to support local designers and makers. As a result, MNfashion is not needed to organize a calendar of events or produce shows to showcase talent to the public like it has in years past.

And so, MNfashion will be closing our doors as an organization. Starting today, we will cease to maintain an online fashion calendar on the organization's website and promote events on our social media accounts. There will no longer be a staff.

Thank you to all who have supported MNfashion over the years.

It's unfortunate to see MNfashion officially go, both as an online resource and as an organization that showcased and brought designers together for fab parties. However, as MNfashion noted in its final statement, the Twin Cities fashion scene is continuing to host celebrations highlighting Minnesota talent. For example, local fashion-oriented events over the past couple of weeks have included beloved mainstay Envision, the always wild Full Fashion Panic at MCAD, and the brand-new MN4MN at West End.