MN Yarn Bomber HOTTEA Gets Trippy for Sesame Street

What happens when a yarn bomber collaborates with a muppet? Eric Rieger, a.k.a. Hottea, found out recently, when he filmed a segment with Grover. In the video, which will be used to promote Sesame Street's new website, shows Hottea working on a project in NYC. Then Grover shows up, and mischief begins. Through stop-start motion animation, they team up to create a new piece of yarn work. The whole segment is a little trippy in that signature Sesame Street way.

This past year Hottea, who is from New Ulm, has traveled the world to create whimsical installations that are reminiscent of graffiti, but non-destructive. Through he now lives in NYC, he still shows Twin Cities love frequently, and he recently created a piece during Northern Spark.

Watch the fun video after the jump.