MN Notness features regular folks looking (cr)happy


Some say good looks make it easier to get ahead in life. At the very least, winning the genetic lottery helps people get cast on reality television shows, accrue high rating on sites like Hot or Not, or even win cash to donate to philanthropy. In response to this daily onslaught of attractiveness normal people face, friends Aric McKeown and Mike Fotis have created MN Notness, a Tumblr featuring normal-looking people.

[jump] According to Fotis, MN Notness is a "celebration of the beauty that is most people's ugly." Visitors can peruse unflattering photos of folks doing things like eating potato salad, grimacing, staring blankly into the camera while mouth-breathing, and drinking from a flask while wearing an eye patch of the medical (not pirate) variety.

One might argue that the people contributing are simply posting bad photos of themselves. Regardless, there's a humorous spirit to the site, and nary a bleach blonde or false eyelash (yet). Plus, it definitely brings a smile to the face.

Are you normal looking? Share your unhottness with the internet, or just take a look at pics and feel connected to the beauty of un-beauty at