Mitch Hedberg remembered in fan's sad, funny "doughnut joke" tribute


Mitch Hedberg died in 2005. More than a decade later, the comedian's legacy lives on through a standup act that has been imitated and admired, but never duplicated.

Hedberg, a native of St. Paul, was instantly recognizable for his look — shaggy hair and, usually, a pair of shades — and unmistakable delivery, a drawled-out manner of speaking that made his audience wonder if he was high... or if it was them. (Often, the answer was both.) 

But it's the punchlines that still echo. Hedberg left a long, long volume of ingenious one-liners that tied absurdism to the mundane. He liked to play with words, and with his audience's expectations.

When Esquire asked comedians for their favorite jokes ever, two selected lines from Hedberg. Natasha Leggero picked: "I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're going and catch up with them later."

That Hedberg could utter a phrase or thought that sticks with the listener years later is evidenced again with a runaway Reddit thread highlighting one fan's ultimate tribute. Today, February 24, would've been Hedberg's 48th birthday.

In honor of the comedian, user rexella undertook a pilgrimage to Roselawn Cemetery in Roseville, posting the photo to commemorate the comedian's work.

Mitch Hedberg would've been 48 today. He's gone, but his jokes are with us still.

Mitch Hedberg would've been 48 today. He's gone, but his jokes are with us still.

Of course, this being about Mitch Hedberg, the resulting Reddit thread quickly turned into a trade-off of people's favorite Hedberg lines. Responses have already topped 1,000. 

Don't get the doughnut reference? Here, watch a couple minutes from Hedberg's iconic 1999 Comedy Central special. As always, it's best we just let Mitch tell it. No one else could ever pull off his act.