Miss Shannan and Shed G team up for the He Said-She Said Comedy Show

Miss Shannan, Shed G

Miss Shannan, Shed G Promo image

Miss Shannan and Shed G bring different, funny points of view to He Said-She Said comedy show. Twin Cities comedians Miss Shannan and Shed G have been friends for years, dating back to their days working at different radio stations in town. But this weekend they’re finally performing on the same stage.

Both established comedy headliners individually, Miss Shannan is a regular part of The Jason Show and has graced the airwaves as a radio DJ on a handful of Twin Cities stations. Shed G has been one of the most active and influential comedians in Minneapolis, helping to launch new showcases and comedy nights for black and urban comedians such as his KMOJ Comedy Nights at House of Comedy.

Both have a strong fan following due to their magnetic personalities, and their (as Miss Shannan calls it) “PG-13-land comedy.” That isn’t to say some fans are naturally interested in both of their comedy equally, however.

“I feel like when people go see a guy comedian they assume he’s going to do jokes for guys, and when they see a woman they assume she’s going to do jokes for women,” Miss Shannan explains. “Shed and I have material that anyone can relate to, so we wanted to do something different that brings people together.”

The result? The He Said-She Said Comedy Show at New Hope Cinema Grill. Going down this Saturday night, the event will feature individual sets from both Shed and Shannan. Then, the two will come together to dish out their personal perspectives on anything and everything the crowd wants to discuss.

“You’re going to get two different points of view on things that are happening in our lives,” Shed adds. “I did something similar to this a couple of years ago when I was doing a show called Battle of the Sexes, and it was wild how much people were willing to open up and talk about relationships.”

Miss Shannan says the topics are by no means limited to love and relationships.

“I’m going to talk about things that I talk about in my comedy,” she says. “Family stuff, being a divorced parent, and aging gracefully into my forties. Then you’re going to have Shed who is single and doesn’t have kids.”

Though it will be the audience that dictates where the conversation goes, Shannan and Shed do have some common history that they might be willing to share to get things started.

“We were both on Tinder and I found his profile,” Shannan says. “And I really didn’t like how he presented himself. So I called him and told him.” Shed laughs. “She’s right, but I did manage to get some new jokes from being on Tinder like that!”

While they may not have been a match in the world of dating apps, their comedy styles compliment each other and they hope that this is just the beginning.

“This could work as a podcast or a live show; there are a lot of ways we could do it,” Shannan says. “And there are plenty of shows and podcasts similar to this, but our personalities and our outlook is what is really going to make it unique and different and fun.”


He Said-She Said Comedy Show
New Hope Cinema Grill
Sept. 8, 8:30 p.m.