Miss Richfield 1981: A holiday show with balls

The month of December brings the return of another holiday favorite: the annual Miss Richfield 1981 celebration. This year, Miss Richfield (the draggy alter ego of performer Russ King) brings us Bingo Bonanza for the Holidays, which will feature several rounds of the titular game, advice for surviving the season, and live tweets throughout the show. The event kicks off Friday at the Illusion Theatre and runs through December 19.

City Pages: W
hat's new for the 2010 show?

Miss Richfield 1981:
Good heavens, everything darling! Let's start with a simple five-letter word: bingo. It's not a traditional holiday game, and yet it's perfect for this time of year because it brings people together in a safe, non-threatening, yet competitive environment. It speaks to everybody -- even the homos who love the bright, colorful balls and the lesbians who love a good fight. We'll also be computerized this year and folks will be able to chirp and peep and Tweet ideas for a song that we'll all write together!


CP: How did the bingo idea come about? Are there fabulous prizes?

MR '81: Bingo has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. In fact, my mother recorded my first word as "O-69!" So they knew I would be a bingo babe from the start. And as far as prizes go, well, a few lucky winners will spin the wheel and get a chance at many, many wonderful treasures, including that favorite San Francisco treat: a lifetime supply of Rice-A-Roni. I dare not share more for fear of a complete rush on tickets.

CP: You've been doing holiday shows for a number of years. How do you keep it fresh for yourself and the audience?

MR '81: Holidays like Christmas can get stale after a few thousand years, so spicing it up with a new promotional photo or a new song can help. But the real professionals, like Lori Line and me know what makes the biggest splash: a new outfit. That's why I can't wait for audiences to a gander at my new Santa velvet mini, trimmed entirely in baby seal fur.

CP: Any general holiday tips for the readers?

MR '81: When it comes to advice on important topics like holiday celebrations, bodily reactions and shopping, I think Jesus said it best: "It's important to be nice, but it's nicer to be important!"


CP: Why should audiences pick your show to attend this holiday season?

MR '81: Because bingo fits into everyone's traditions. As I always say, "Hot dog, everybody's a wiener!"