Minnesota Zoo needs help naming world's cutest tiger cub -- what should it be? [POLL]

This adorable baby tiger has a stick, but now she needs a name!

This adorable baby tiger has a stick, but now she needs a name! Minnesota Zoo

Let's get something out of the way: The Minnesota Zoo's 3-month-old tiger cub is cute AF.

We're talkin' big-league cute. This li'l gal has the fuzzy ears, disproportionately large paws, and roly-poly disposition to rank with the all-time greats, as far as we're concerned. Problem is, the Amur tiger cub needs a name to match, and the zoo is tasking the public with arriving at one. 

"She is very active and curious, keeping her mom on her toes," the Apple Valley zoo writes of the unnamed baby tiger, their first since 2012. "What do you think her name should be?"

My pick? City Pages the Cutie Pie Kitty Cat.

Less self-serving members of the CP staff cooked up some options below—vote on your favorite! Be sure to submit a suggestion through the zoo's official channel by August 6. Zookeepers will then choose three finalists, and the public can vote on a winning name from August 10-16. 

Since her birth on April 26, the nameless cub has been chilling away from the public with her mom, Sundari. Check out the Tiger Cub Cam for a live sneak-peek. 

Here's some bonus video of City Pages the Cutie Pie Kitty Cat in action: