Minnesota uses this emoji more than the rest of the country


LOL is in its death throes, but emojis are alive and well. It's not hard to see why when you can get more nuanced emotions conveyed through emoji than with a "haha." Are you electronically laugh-crying or just smiling politely? Apparently 74 percent of people in the U.S. use emojis daily, so the folks at SwiftKey decided to look at the numbers behind 'em. 

After analyzing over billion emojis, SwiftKey recently released their first-ever United States of Emoji study along with an interactive map of the symbols that each state uses the most compared to other states' averages. More on the methodology later, because we're already clamoring on our iPhones to look at the swath of symbols we've recently sent. 

Surely with all that "winter is coming" crap we always talk about, Minnesota's chosen emojis would be a... snowflake? Nah. Snowman? No. Okay, maybe that cool snowboarder whizzing downhill? Nope. Maybe a sunrise over the water for the Land of 10,000 Lakes? Wrong again. 

Peach, please! Apparently Minnesota is into that round, fuzzy, booty-ful fruit (... and baths)? 

Confused? Don't worry, these results don't actually mean that we're only sending out bath-time booty calls to everyone we know. See the distinct lack of side-eye (personal favorite) and sleepy face? Or the absence of colorful hearts spanning the map? Surely there's one state that uses the winky-tongue face more than, say the snail (Nebraska!) or the barber pole (Kentucky!). 

The emojis featured on each state are the state's "top" emoji compared to other states, not that state's most popular emoji.


SwiftKey used a couple different metrics to come up with their findings while making sure that an emoji was only used once on the map. First, they looked at the country's average usage for each emoji, then they checked out a weighted average that equalized each state's emoji usage (because you know California's probably sending more emojis than Vermont).

SwiftKey delved even deeper into the emoji abyss, calculating more than just the "top" emojis for states. They also looked at the emojis and emoji categories used most in each state, as well as the emojis and emoji categories a state used less than the national average.

For example, if the rest of the states are using a tree's worth of peach emojis, Minnesota is using an orchard-full comparatively. 

Here's a handy chart we made with SwiftKey's breakdown of Minnesota's results:

As a state of avid cyclists and the home base for Target headquarters, we're not surprised by the bike and bullseye emojis popping up on our "more than average" list. So, what's your go-to emoji?