Minnesota named 'Most Hipster State in the U.S.'


It's something that doesn't seem like it can be quantified, but through rigorous research and controlled study BuzzFeed has found a way. In a recent piece, the website named Minnesota the Most Hipster State in the U.S., shockingly beating out New York (Williamsburg!) and Oregon (Portland!).

Somewhere in a northeast Minneapolis dive bar, a guy in flannel drinking a PBR Tallboy is crying tears of joy, and he's not sure why.

[jump] So how did we capture the number one spot? Apparently Minnesota "leads the nation in searches for the term 'hipster.'" BuzzFeed further asserts that while Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood is teeming with hipsters, it is the Minnesota hipster aesthetic that they are trying to imitate. Fascinating!

The article goes on to explain that Minnesota's obsessive bike culture, thriving music scene/legacy, and our love of lumberjack chic are top reasons why we're the biggest hipster state. However, it's a little dubious to call out our abundant farmers' markets (produce is a hipster thing?) and our thriving theater scene (wealthy people at the Guthrie are hipsters?) as examples of our hipster-ness.

But we definitely can't argue with Exhibit J: Juno.

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