Minnesota man talks to Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Did Vince Vaughn regale Donald Trump with stories about his infancy in Minneapolis? Maybe!

Did Vince Vaughn regale Donald Trump with stories about his infancy in Minneapolis? Maybe! Twitter

Out of all the people ever born in Minneapolis, Vince Vaughn is one of them.

On Monday night, the actor was trending on Twitter after a short clip surfaced of him at the College Football Playoff National Championship game.

Vaughn apparently took in the game between Clemson and LSU in the same luxury box as Donald and Melania Trump, and was captured speaking to the president. The two then shook hands, Trump did some pointing and some clapping, Vaughn offered friendly gestures to other luxury box attendees, all of it captured on camera and soundtracked by Neil Diamond.

A spokesman for Vaughn tells People magazine he and Trump came to the contest separately, and "met this evening at the game briefly." (People also refers to Vaughn as a Rand Paul supporter and "the Breakup star," insults so cruel we're hesitant to even reprint them here.)

For reasons relating to journalistic ethics and web traffic, City Pages has no choice but to assume Vaughn used his face time with Trump to go on at length about his birth and very brief experience living in Minneapolis, a bit of trivia we will insist on dragging back out only on those occasions Vince is in the news for the wrong reasons.

Last night's cameo alongside an impeached president might just jump-start Vaughn's celebrity with a new generation: Not only was his name trending on Twitter, but so was the phrase "Who is Vince Vaughn?"

Who indeed. But also, if you think about it: Where is Vince Vaughn?

Almost 50 years ago, the answer was Minneapolis, Minnesota, as a baby. Last night, it was New Orleans, Louisiana, shaking hands with one. 

Neil Diamond said it best:
"Touching hands
Reaching out/
Touching me/
Touching you/
Sweet Caroline/
Ba, ba, ba"