Minnesota choreographer Emily Johnson featured in the New York Times

Emily Johnson poses in the dead of winter for City Pages in 2010
Emily Johnson poses in the dead of winter for City Pages in 2010
Photo by Alec Soth

Emily Johnson has been wowing Minnesota dance enthusiasts over the years with her innovated pieces. In 2002, she won a City Pages' Best Of for Best Dance Performance of the Past 12 Months (Local), a show in which she demonstrated an impressive level of skill while moving to Dolly Parton tunes in a giant pair of pants. Over the years she has collaborated with installation/video artist Minouk Lim at the Walker; won a Bessie Award for "The Thank-you Bar," a piece examining displacement and Native American stereotypes; and even featured on a City Pages Winter Guide cover by award-winning photographer Alec Soth.

The New York Times apparently thinks she's the bees knees as well, as they profiled her in a recent issue.

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Johnson is in New York City to perform "Niicugni," a piece exploring her Yupik heritage, as part of the Performance Space 122's Coil Festival at the Baryshnikov Arts Center. In the piece the Alaskan native talks about missing her home state, her vintage coat, and even name checks Birchbark Books, where she currently works.

You can read the article in full here. Excited to see the piece live and in person? "Niicugni," which loosely translates to "listen," will be coming to the O'Shaughnessy Auditorium April 21.

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