Minnesota accent makes The Late Show with Stephen Colbert [VIDEO]


Sometimes the only way to properly say something in Minnesotan is by making this face.

The Minnesota accent is sometimes a sensitive subject for the locals. Like, hey, America, we don't all sound like those people from the movie Fargo. Some of us sound like the people from Fargo, the TV show. Geez, you guys!

It's a little easier to take when the impression is coming from people who know it first-hand. Few do it better than stand-up comic Maria Bamford, who grew up here, and whose act often features a pitch-perfect Minnesotan patois. 

Bamford played one half of an "Accent-Off" contest on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she dueled with Ariel Dumas, a fellow native to the state and a writer on flagship CBS show. The battle starts with a tale of the tape listing each participant's "favorite lakes." 

Then they get right down to it, a blistering give-and-take exhibiting the region's... shall we say, creative interpretations of vowel sounds, plus some of our more peculiar dialectical favorites. (Bonus points for "Fire trivia.") 

Don't be angry, Minnesooowta. Be proud. As Bamford and Dums show here, we don't just talk funny. We are funny. 

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