Minneapolis sidewalk graffiti is rude as hell, probably right


Next time you're walking around in south Minneapolis, don't be alarmed if you come upon some guy looking down at the sidewalk, screaming at it.

He's not crazy. He's just been insulted.

Out for a walk Friday morning, local journalist (and City Pages contributor) Ryan Warner was walking on 26th Street, right near the Hexagon Bar, when he came upon a bit of sidewalk graffiti that stopped him in his tracks. 

As a regular in south Minneapolis, Warner identified the penmanship -- and the author's voice -- of a local street artist who goes by the name "Sluto." When not painting that name on walls and trains, Sluto scrawls knowing, irreverent snippets of dialogue in white cursive script. 

This piece from Mr. Sluto was a new one to Warner. Reading it made him laugh out loud.


By his interpretation, Warner doesn't think the line is aimed at anyone in particular. More like everyone. 

"It's street art," he says. "It's meant for all of us."

Warner remembers seeing another Sluto writing, this one in Uptown Minneapolis, which asks, "is that grafitti, man?" 

There's also this one, which, like the one he came upon Friday, compelled Warner to document with a photo. 


Warner isn't hurt by getting called out by some unexpected paint, and he doesn't think you should be, either. It's just saying "what we're all thinking," anyway.

"It's like a campaign slogan," Warner says. "The media seems to think we're a divided people, but look at this. The message is unity."

United in our boredom, and our boringness. Shit. This graffiti is right. Shit.

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