Minneapolis named 6th most creative city in the nation

Minneapolis named 6th most creative city in the nation

Minneapolis is the 6th most creative city in the nation, according to the Creative Vitality Index's recently released 2013 report.

The statistics-based CVI report gave Minneapolis-St. Paul a creativity score over 4.5 times that of the average American city. Our local arts scene managed to ranked above several classically creative areas such as Seattle (7th). Philadelphia (17th), and even Chicago (20th).

The CVI measures data relating to the economic shape of creative industries like design, theater, music, and media. The final CVI score is based mostly on community participation in the arts, and on the occupational employment in the creative sector.

New this year, the CVI broke up creativity scores by zip code, yielding per-capita statistic in creative employment. As expected, downtown neighborhoods dominated in artistic occupation, boosting the city average of 5% total employment within the artistic sector.

Minneapolis can't takeall the credit, as it holds only 21% of Minnesota's total creative workforce. The arts seem to be appreciated state-wide, with other hubs in St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs. Duluth holds up for northern Minnesota, ranking 35th nationally on the CVI report.

Former member of the Arts Commission and local artist Leann Johnson has high hopes to keep improving the creative climate in Minneapolis.

"I know we are ranked above a lot of Midwestern cities, but we could definitely be higher on the list," Johnson said. "Minneapolis has the potential to create a better environment for people who aren't necessarily artists."

For more creativity statistics and to learn how your neighborhood ranks, you can find the full online report catalog here.

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