Minneapolis men are pretty handsome, but too cool to be hot


Break out the bourbon: Minneapolis men are the among the most handsome fellas in the country. Is it the buffalo-check flannel-filled closets, brand-new Warby Parker specs, or the weather-worn Red Wings laced up around our rugged dudes' feet? Perhaps it's that sexy balaclava he pulls on before biking into sub-zero weather with icicles sticking to his face? Are lumbersexuals still a thing?

Next time you see a good-looking guy strutting his stuff down Lyndale, just know this: Maybe he's born with it.... maybe it's just pricey grooming stuff. 

Thanks to a very scientific study done by Grooming Lounge, we can now officially count the bearded beaus of Minneapolis among the hottest in the nation. But we're not number one. Why? The Grooming Lounge looked at how many Benjamins that men spent on things like personal care services, products, shaving needs, and apparel, as well as which cities ranked among the fittest in the country. (Hint: The "most handsome" guys are throwing Benjamins left and right so they're #selfie-ready.)

Turns out the average Minnesotan guy isn't spending upwards of 3-Gs on grooming and personal care services (but he's not spending much less either). Embracing copious amounts of facial hair means fewer trips to the barber, after all, but it means we came in at number 10 on the list, with guys spending a little over $2,500 on grooming services, and a little less than $3,000 on apparel and personal care products. 

The studs in Seattle won the coveted top spot on the list by throwing around their pocket change (an average of $3,413 each year, to be exact) on personal care items. Next were the Silicon Valley techies in San Francisco, followed up by the designer suit-donning guys on the Hill in Washington, D.C. 

“You can be a handsome guy but if you don’t take care of yourself, it’s hard for that to shine through," Grooming Lounge's CEO Mike Gillman told "People who spend time and money and effort on taking care of themselves, they end up looking a little better, a little more handsome. Just like when people get dressed up, they tend to look a little nicer.”


So there you have it, gents. Ditch the craft beer and start spending more of your hard-earned dough on pomade.

Or, you know, just take a good look in the mirror and embrace you for you, whether you're into fancy face stuff or just a splash of plain ol' tap water, because you know this list is just about selling a few more razors anyways. 

Check out Grooming Lounge's whole list of ultra-groomed men below.