Minneapolis comedian Steve Gillespie comes ‘Alive’ with new album


After making his comedy debut over 10 years ago at Acme’s open mic night, comedian Steve Gillespie is Alive.

Brooks Wheelan

Acme Comedy Co.

This week, Gillespie drops his second album, Alive on State, through local powerhouse Stand Up! Records. As the name implies, he recorded the release back in December in Madison at Comedy on State, a place he considers his second-favorite club.

“[Comedy on State] were one of the first clubs to really get behind me, so I really wanted to be loyal to them,” Gillespie says.

It’s been more than three years since his debut album, and to say Gillespie has had a lifetime of experiences during that time would be an understatement.

After making the move to Los Angeles just over a year ago, Gillespie appeared last spring on Conan, cementing himself as the latest in a long line of must-see breakout comedians who got their start in the Midwest.

The new album is a reflection of who Gillespie has grown into as a performer, both in terms of the jokes (you’ll never think of premature babies playing football the same way ever again – assuming, you’ve thought of it before right now) as well as his delivery, which is large enough to fill any stage.

“I’ve been working on this material for so long, and the hope is that now that it’s out I can start to move on and build a new act,” he says.

To celebrate, he’ll be performing at Acme all week, opening for SNL alumni Brooks Wheelan. As a bonus, he’ll have hard copies of the new album on sale, before it’s official release this Friday, May 12.

“It would be great to see it get on the iTunes chart and do really well, but really I’m just excited for people to hear it.”

Aside from his packed touring schedule, Gillespie has also gone full-Hollywood, dipping his toe in the acting world appearing in a Burger King commercial (later axed), and regularly appearing in the weekly online series Lestaril, starring fellow Twin Cities comedians Mike Lester and Robert Baril.

He also started a podcast this past month with his girlfriend, Under Our Covers, which features the couple discussing their kink, psychedelics, and their fringe lifestyle.

“We realized there weren’t really any podcasts covering the topics we wanted to talk about,” Gillespie says of their motivation for recording. “It’s very non-traditional and sex-positive. We want to clear up some of the misconceptions about our kind of lifestyle but also help people become better partners for each other.”

Later this summer, Gillespie will be back in the national spotlight with an appearance on Seeso’s Guest List program, doing some acting in an independent film, and planting of the seeds of his next album.

“I always said it was my goal to record my third album at Acme, so I’m right on track,” he says.