Miniature Horses Don't Go to Heaven at Bryant Lake Bowl

​Sometimes headlines peak your interest, and then other times they leave you scratching your head in confusion. Whatever news a story is reporting, it's the headline that grabs your attention or fails to. And then there are the ones that stay with you because the story is so horrifying or so completely absurd.

Instead of trying to block those words from memory, Adam Sharp wrote five original short plays called Miniature Horses Don't Go to Heaven and Other Plays Inspired by Real News Headlines. It will take the stage this Friday and Saturday night at Bryant-Lake Bowl.

​Presented by Box Wine Theatre, this collection of dark comedies grew out of news items that would turn any head: "Pit Bulls Kill Miniature Horse Donated to Cancer-Stricken Child," "Man Kidnaps Woman Who Refuses Marriage Proposal," "Man Accused of Attacking Body in Open Casket During Funeral," "Girl's Prosthetic Leg Stolen -- Twice," and "Man Kills Deer With Bare Hands in Bedroom."

Writer and producer Sharp explains the short plays are based on hypothetical "what-if" scenarios, and are not visual reenactments of what literally happened. So, there will be no performance of the mauling of a mini-horse. Instead, that particular story features an apathetic father trying to explain the situation to his sick child. It's all dark comedy, ending with the gripping and epic battle between man and deer.

The show features John McConville, Lesley J. Rice, Oliver Sharp, Allison True, and Matty Tucker onstage, and is directed by Bethany Simmons. Performances begin at 7 p.m. both evenings, and tickets are available at the door or online for $12 ($10 if you have a Fringe button). 

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