Mighty Swell has something for everyone this weekend

McAndrews and Danneman at their shop

McAndrews and Danneman at their shop

As many an Etsy seller has discovered, hawking vintage wares online is not, as it turns out, the easiest thing to do. When local vintage lovers Meghan McAndrews and Rae Danneman found this to be the case, instead of abandoning the idea they decided to do things the old fashion way--by selling clothing in person. Thus, the Mighty Swell "semi-regular" shop was born. 

[jump] McAndrews and Danneman have made great strides since their first sale last October, particularly now that they have a permanent storefront at 3109 E. 42nd St. in Minneapolis. A home for the shop makes the whole process a lot easier and less time-consuming, which is a major plus for the women who juggle the store and full-time jobs. "Plus, my house is no longer completely overrun with vintage," McAndrews says.

Mighty Swell will be hosting a summer-themed, vendor-based shop this Saturday and Sunday. This weekend's event will feature clothing and accessories from Danneman and McAndrews' collections, as well as several local vintage vendors, including Teacup Vintage, Top Drawer Vintage, and Valise Vintage. Throughout the sale, shoppers can enjoy the jams of local, lady-centric podcasters Girl Germs, to-die-for donuts and coffee from A Baker's Wife, and gourmet ice pops from 10,000 licks. With our most recent heat wave, who doesn't want fancy popsicles while they peruse vintage duds?

While McAndrews says she is most excited about the swimwear they will have on hand for sale ("We only have a few months to rock this stuff out in Minnesota," she laughs), Danneman says she is happy about the wide range of items they have in stock, especially in terms of sizes. High Plains Thrifter, McAndrew's personal shop, will be carrying pieces size 12 and up. According to Danneman, "We really do have something for everyone. It's a common misconception that all vintage is tiny. We focus on bringing in pieces in as many shapes and sizes as possible."

In addition to selling vintage clothing, both McAndrews and Danneman write their own fashion blogs, High Plains Thrifter and Bourbon & Lace. It was through their sites that the women first connected with each other and discovered a mutual interest in hosting a "vintage-y rummage sale" at a friend's gallery, the now-defunct Umber Studios. Having an online presence has certainly helped grow Mighty Swell, bringing in support from both readers and others in the local blogging community. "We're lucky to count some of Minneapolis's best fashion bloggers as regular shoppers," says McAndrews.

The ladies see the recent increase in popularity and accessibility of vintage in the Twin Cities as positive. To them, more shopping options equates to more people experimenting with vintage clothing (especially those who are not as nuts about digging through thrift stores to find unique treasures). The proliferation of shops may be merely an outgrowth of vintage being hot right now, but as Danneman states, "I hope this trend sticks around. It's an affordable and environmentally responsible way to build your wardrobe."

If you can't make it to the shop this weekend, have no fear: The ladies plan to have a more pared-back sale in August, another vendor-fueled sale October 1, and several sales around the holidays in December. For more information, visit Mighty Swell.