Merry Christmas, Pyromaniacs: The Yule Log Fire Returns for the Holidays


For whatever reason, a burning pile of wood is enthralling and comforting for many. Unfortunately, not everyone has a fireplace. Enter the annual airing of the burning yule log, a beloved tradition that serves the needs of all, be it the necessity of a centering calm amid sensory overload, a desire for background ambiance, or a simple stupor brought on through an eggnog buzz.

Fun fact time: The original burning log was dreamed up by Fred M. Thrower, president and CEO of WPIX, Inc., a New York City television station. Rather than airing the scheduled roller-derby game, Thrower opted to give his employees a night off, filling airtime instead with a loop of the mayor's burning fireplace.

The tradition will be carried on this holiday season by KSTC-IND, a.k.a. channel 5.2 (if you don't have cable). Starting December 24 at 6 p.m., the fire will rage through Christmas until midnight, ending with a festive airing of The Office.

Check out this sneak peek of what to expect below.