Memorial Day weekend must-haves: Things to read, wear, and buy (including cheap cut-offs)


What are your Memorial Day plans? Are you going up North to a cabin? Or hanging around the Twin Cities for a weekend of lazing around, BBQing, and maybe sitting on the beach (weather permitting)?

Well, you better be prepared no matter what. Here’s what you need this Memorial Day.

A new summer white outfit.

If you’re the traditional sort and only bust out white clothes after Memorial Day, go on and treat yourself to a new piece of clothing in the summery shade. I’m a fan of this raw edge denim jumpsuit from Hackwith Design, available at Cliché. Doesn’t it look so, well, cool?

Sun protection. 

Clouds are not sunscreen, okay? Even if it’s not super sunny out, you can still be negatively impacted by UV rays. If you're not the world’s biggest sunscreen fan, but know that you have to wear it to reduce your risk of skin cancer, then try some Sun Bum. The line has been around for a while. It smells awesome, like an expensive “beach” perfume, and isn’t greasy or sticky. Sun Bum also offers hair products, including its own version of Sun-In, and after-sun lotions, which you’re going to need if you stay out splashing in Cedar Lake too long on a sunny day. Pick some up on your next Target run.

Summer cutoffs.

DUH. This one’s a no-brainer. If you want a vintage pair but don’t feel like paying a ton on Etsy or prowling the thrift stores for the perfect old Levi’s to chop off, visit south Minneapolis’ new Arlee Park for a pre-cut pair for just $36. Pick up something pretty for your house while you’re there, too. Done and done.

A beach book.

Local press Graywolf publishes some seriously cool books. That includes Fen by Daisy Johnson, a book of short stories worth taking up to the cabin at some point this summer. Don’t forget to grab an OK! magazine too -- tabloids always taste better on the beach. If it rains, you can totally just cozy up on the couch instead.

A picnic dress.

Stay with me here: In the summer, you gotta have a few tried-and-true “picnic dresses” (aka sundresses) that are a little whimsical (sorry, I hate that word too), a little bit old-fashioned, and totally perfect to wear to a cookout or a party in the park. This little number from Audrey Rose Vintage fits the bill. Bonus: It has tennis rackets on it. 

Summer haircare.

The best (and worst) thing about summer in Minnesota is the humidity. If you have wavy or curly hair, then it probably gets wild when the dew point goes up. R & Co’s Sail, a “soft-wave spray,” gives hair volume, texture, and more defined, prettier waves. Spritz it on damp or dry hair every day. Since “beach waves” or “mermaid waves” are super-flattering and easy to do (and yes, they are also a little annoyingly trendy), this stuff might be your new Holy Grail. You can find it at Sephora or at Blue Mercury in the Galleria.