Meet winner Chris Sorensen and his awesome 'stache

Meet winner Chris Sorensen and his awesome 'stache

Last month, City Pages held a contest inviting folks with enviable facial hair to enter our Show Us Yer Stache contest. The stakes were high, as the winner took home a prize pack worth more than $300 from local businesses including Martin Patrick 3, Hell's Kitchen, The Loop, Pat's Tap, and Perfect Ash, as well as a pair of tixx from the MN Wild.

Six men made our top staff pics, and voting has been open to the public for the past couple weeks. But now that Movember is as over as Thanksgiving leftovers, it's time to announce our winner: Chris Sorensen.

What's the history of this particular mustache?

It started a few years ago as a basic above the lip 'stache, but when I changed jobs and there weren't restrictions on my appearance. I thought that I should grow out my mustache in honor of my grandfather Chris Junior Sorensen. I remember seeing photos of his perfect curly mustache as a kid and wanting one.

Any advice to men who want to grow a mustache like yours?

Don't cut it, and groom it every day... multiple times a day. Use wax to train it, but don't over do the wax in order to keep a natural look.

What's your all-time favorite celebrity 'stache?

Albert Einstein. Where do you think he got his genius from?

Do you ever get any weird or discouraging comments about your mustache?

Not really. I do get compliments though. When I first grew it out, co-workers laughed like it was a joke. This 'stache is no joke.

Did you have a campaign strategy during the contest? What do you think gave you an edge?

I just took a photo of myself, as I always have my 'stache groomed and natrual. I told everyone I knew to vote, using every medium I could think of, and just hoped for the best.

Meet winner Chris Sorensen and his awesome 'stache
Cartoon by Chris's co-worker Heidi Mitchel

Anything else to add?

I have to say, my competition was pretty good. MJ has a very full 'stache with a creative way to wax it. Jim has a very nice classic 'stache with the style to go with it. John has a very full 'stache... keep that thing growin'. Kaleb has the ultimate wrestler 'stache, and I dig the armadillo basket with Buddha in it. Peter has one brilliant natural 'stache, very full and wonderfully curled! Reminds me of Mister Money Bags from Monopoly, in which I've been referred to as well.

Congrats to Chris! Chris edged other competitors out with 35.59 percent of the votes. May his mustache live on in infamy. You can check out all of our manly entrants at our Show Us Yet Stache 2 slideshow.

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